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Georg Loeer

Dear KOPRA Organizers,

I have come upon the first KOPRA interns in the earlier part of this decade when working in the banking industry in Japan. Since 2007 I am now working for the Japanese subsidiary of a German investment promotion agency which is in some respects more like a government agency than a company.

NRW Japan K.K. has been accepting interns from its outset in 1992 and has received many interns from KOPRA, many of which have in the meantime proceeded in their own careers in Japan or Germany. We currently have one intern from throughout the year.

KOPRA interns with whom I have worked since then have always been very strongly motivated, well educated in their respective discipline, and surprisingly well-versed in the Japansese language and matters as they relate to Japan. They have been excellent colleagues, not only learning but also contributing to our activities.

Best regards

Georg K. Loeer
President & Representative Director
NRW Japan K.K.
Tokyo / Japan

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