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1) 電力やガス、エネルギーなどSOFCビジネスに関する技術的な情報収集とその学習と報告、2) 日本語や英語での国内・海外同僚との技術ディスカッションや報告、情報交換、3)特許調査やSOFCシステムやスタック関連パートナー・技術の調査、4) あなたの得意分野を活用したタスク。詳細は面接時にお話しします。

Challenging Internship at Bosch Japan! You will get the chance to work for a global player and be a part of a dynamic team where you can gather practical and on-the-job experience with a mix of day-to-day operations and projects. As a team-member of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) project office JAPAN, your task(s) will include:

1) Information collection, study and report of technical knowledge related to SOFC business, including electric, gas and energy; 2) Technical discussion, report, information exchange in Japanese and English with domestic and international colleagues; 3) Patent survey, partners and technology survey of SOFC system and stack; 4) Task that can make use of your strong point. The detail will be discussed through interview.

Required specialized knowledge



Preferred language abilities



**Japanese Nationals:

Please note that Japanese nationals do not require a visa process. Depending on the needs of the receiving department, students fulfilling this condition may begin their internship within one month of being hired.

Preferred skills

インターンシップの対象期間 2021年9月以降の半年間以上


Target Internship Period: September 2021 or later for over 6 months

*We offer a very competitive monthly net allowance of 160,000 JPY for 40 hours/week, 140,000 JPY for 28 hours/week or 120,000 JPY for 20 hours/week, including commuting fees. We will also provide you with all necessary documents and information for a successful Designated Activities visa application. Please note that the full visa process may take up to three months. Furthermore, applicants who intend to have an internship period for 12 months/already hold residence status in Japan will receive a monthly gross allowance.

Additional assistance

***Exchange students

Please note that foreign nationals on a student visa with permission for part-time job (資格外活動許可) do not require a visa process. Students fulfilling these conditions will be eligible to work on a part-time scheme only. Depending on the needs of the receiving department, exchange students may begin their internship within one month of being hired.



A.) インターンシップの3ヶ月前からインターンシップ期間中、大学に在籍していること。 B.) インターンシップを行う場合、ビザ申請の際に、インターンシップが大学のカリキュラムの中で必須または強く推奨されているものであることを確認する書類への署名が必要となります。

****Non-Japanese Nationals (visa requirements):
Please note that applicants who are not Japanese nationals need to be eligible to obtain the Designated Activities Visa for an internship with Bosch Japan. Therefore, only students who fulfill the following conditions are eligible to apply:
A.) Enrolled student at a university at least 3 months before the internship and during the entire internship period; B.) Doing the internship will require your university to sign a document confirming that the internship represents a mandatory or strongly recommended part of your university curriculum when applying for your visa.


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